Bishops Primary School Welcomes Student From Western Sahara

Testimonial by Brahim:

When I was told about this supposedly magical musical method where pretty much anyone could learn how to read, write and play music, I was somehow sceptical or uncertain the way it would be done.

But the thing is, the knowledge is not only gained  in a short period of time, but also in a non-boring way for children to engage in the activities and participate.

Now that I have been able to witness the Stave House Method in action and observe the ways in which it is carried out, I am very impressed and surprised at the effectiveness that will give the wished results.

The Stave House’s way means that  the children are not only learning, but also playing and being told stories, being encouraged to imagine and create.

I have never liked music because of the fact that you have to learn how to read it and go through the whole process of learning the different musical notes.

However after a week of observation, as an 18 year old non-musical student, I now believe in music again thanks to the Stave House method.

18 year old student Brahim has spent a week with Ruth Travers studying the Stave House method. Ruth will be visiting his refugee Camp in Western Sahara in the Autumn where she plans to begin a music/English speaking programme using Stave House and also training English speaking students to teach it. This will provide a salary for Young people who at present have no income, and it will enable the children to learn musical skills that could lead to a career in Music in the future.

Stave House is an ideal resource because of its creative and imaginative play aspect and of course the fact that it requires no power to operate it.

Brahim visited Lawford Mead Primary school, Bishops catholic Primary school and Trinity St Marys Primary schools In Essex during his stay with Ruth.

At Bishops he spent the day visiting classrooms and talking to the children about life in his refugee camp. At Lawford mead he observed Stave House teaching and at Trinity St Marys he took part in the music lesson and taught the children a song in his language of Hassaniya which they accompanied on drums and percussion.

He attended the Stave House teachers training Course at the  in Newmarket Suffolk.

Brahim will be working with Ruth to produce an English speaking /Music programme for schools in Wetsern Sahara