Holding the Violin




Initial Hold:IMG_2827

Tuck the violin firmly into your neck. On your shoulder, not over your chest. Pass the left hand under the neck and hold the violin on the body to help with support.

Advanced Hold:

Once you begin to use your fingers you will need to have your hand ready to play at the end of the neck. Keep the wrist out and away from the neck, keep the thumb just resting on the side of the neck. Press your fingers down firmly, keep your nails cut short.


good hold

Good posture

bad hold

Poor Posture











Bow Hold

IMG_2828 IMG_2829

Fingers along the top of the bow – spread out to balance the weight. Thumb just tucked into the side – Do not push it through.




IMG_2830Position of the bow is key! Keep the bow playing half way between the bridge and the fingerboard.