Reviews from latest UK training course

Ruth Swain – wife of LCM examiner Paul Swain -East Kilbrioe Scotland

” Thanks for all your enthusiasm and this wonderful course that you are sharing  .  It has been a real eye opener as to how to teach music in a more fun and understanding way . I have gained knowledge and confidence  in how to plan lessons for children  from age three and  how to develop theory sight singing and aural skills . ”

Naomi French – Primary school year 3 teacher and Music grad . Chelmsford “An eye opening course and everything makes so much sense . The step by step process going through the stages is not too much or overwhelming for the children. This method is easily accessible and fun for children .All the songs are catchy and children love being able to visualise and learn these ”

Jane Parker – LCM piano teacher /vocal teacher /guitar teacher ” this will inspire my teaching bringing fun again to theory . Every thing was well explained . ”

Elaine Fountain – Mum from Braintree – ” I really wasn’t sure what to expect but it has been very informative and i have revised my own musical skills and now feel equipped to teach Stave House to my own children.