Ruth’s Biography


Ruth Travers (ALCM, LLCM, LNCM, FLCM)

Part time Lecturer for PGCE, B.ed and post grad. students at Anglia Ruskin University Chelmsford.

Examiner Joshua Brown BA,LTCL PGCE says of Ruth… “Her professionalism is second to none … I am particularly impressed with the way in which she instills confidence and a sense of purpose in the work of her students and their all-round musicianship is evident in their performing. Her attention to detail is both personal and precise and demonstrates a real sense of awareness of the individuals ability,aptitude and personal strengths.”

Susannah Edom-Baker -Headmistress of Newland Springs primary school -Chelmsford says…“The success of the music teaching in our school is down to the positive relationship and musical environment of the school,the talent of Ruth Travers and the Unique system of teaching music which she has applied.”
Ruth Travers – musician,teacher,composer and author of the Stave House music literacy method for children trained as a pianist and violinst in her youth and then in her late twenties as a Soprano.
She has won several competitions trophies and gold medals – particularly for British folk song and high soprano voice.

Ruth sang as a soloist and member of the prestigious chamber choir Cambridge Chorale for 11 years.(conductors-Michael Kibblewhite and Julian Wilkins)

She worked here and abroad as soloist and coach for English festival voices and Royston High Voices with Conductor Michael Kibblewhite – –

She has conducted and musically directed many children’s shows for the Theatre Royal in B.S.E. and has performed herself many times in various lead roles as the heroine in G&S comic operas and in other Broadway musicals and toured for 6 weeks as Yum Yum (Mikado) with Suffolk Opera.

Ruth’s compositions have won schools music festivals and her Swanwick mass in 2005 was sung and signed by Arch bishop Rowan.

In 2005 – at Portman Road Football Stadium – Ipswich
She musically directed a huge international Mothers Union conference service in aid of addressing poverty and education for women in the 3rd world with a covering satellite speech from Nelson Mandella. She brought together choirs bands and ballet presentation for an audience of 5000 + .


Ruth.M.D Portman Road.2005

Ruth.M.D Portman Road.2005


Head of Music at Montessori prep school ‘Cherry Trees’ in Flempton Suffolk and previously at Chalmont Montessori nursery and school In BSE Suffolk, Ruth developed Stave House as a way of teaching notation to pre school and primary children.
She felt under fives could grasp the elementary concepts of notation if approached in a way that appealed to them – without watering down the subject.The ‘see hear do ‘approach to learning instigated by Montessori seemed the ideal strategy to follow.
Reading music with Stave House means that children become musically independent and sight read easily and are able to apply their knowledge to any instrument.

Non-music specialists can easily use the materials.

Ruth has had close links with St. Edmundsbury Cathedral (BSE) over the years – writing several musical compositions for them including a schools project of assembly songs for the Suffolk R.E. curriculum and running the workshop training choir there for 3 years.Theses songs are available for download from the website on-line shop.

Ruth currently teaches in Chelmsford and has links with Essex County Music Services, running training workshops for teachers and coaching many students herself still in piano, violin and singing.