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New Si Si Celia Song- sheet music . ID required

SI SI SI Celia – Full Score Click on this link to download Ideal for level 3 this song explores the dotted crotchet . It will make a super classroom performance. Free to all licensed teachers

Si Si Celia mp3 backing track ID required to purchase- free for all licensed teachers

Music Awards level 1 and 2 Practise book -Student Hard copy. ID required

This is the perfect workbook for your students to make sure that they have covered all the requirements for levels 1 and 2 . The book includes the lyrics to the songs and has examples of suitable performance pieces .

Level 2 – Stave House Award ID required

Pay here for your Stave House Award . You will need your teachers ID code

level 1 Stave House Award – ID required

Enter for your Stave House level Award here . You will need your teachers ID code .

Student book for all instruments – levels 1-2 ( download )ID needed

NEW Stave House Music Student Book

Music Awards Syllabus

Music Awards Entry Form

Diploma Syllabus

Diploma Entry Form

Stave House Award level 4

Enter for your level 4 award here . make sure you have documented all the requirements on the entry form as achieved and dated . make sure you have prepared Part B of the syllabus – your performance . Down load the syllabus from the home page of the web site .  

Stave House Award level 3

Magnetic Character Set: Standard . ID needed for purchase

Standard magnetic Character Set for use with Children's magnetic boards – will work with either standard or light weight board

18 pieces – 40 mm


This is the annual fee due for the right to use the copyright Stave House name and logo to advertise / promote teaching services. For individual teacher.

Annual License fee for Stave House school/music group

This is the annual fee due for the right to use the copyright Stave House name & logo to advertise / promote  teaching services . For schools or groups of 2 or more teachers

Adult Black Top

Your Basket


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