Stave House Book Review

We were recently sent this copy of “Elaine’s Exciting Escapade” to review. The main character of the story is Elaine the Elephant, who tries really hard to be like Celia the Centipede until she finally discovers her own special talent and realises that she is happiest being herself.


The story is amusing and engaging, with a rich vocabulary to promote language skills. There are some interesting messages and themes throughout the book that would make good discussion points. I particularly like how, at the end, Elaine continues with some of the healthy changes she made to her life, but this time for the right reasons.


The illustrations are bright, colourful and entertaining. Textual effects are cleverly used to complement the pictures and provide interest, although I did initially struggle to follow the flow of the text in one or two places.


At the end of the book there are several pages of music and reading activities. Aaron and Tabitha loved clapping the rhythm and doing the actions of Elaine’s exercise programme. Some of the activities are suitable for individual children or small groups, whilst others are ideal for larger classes. There are suggestions for extending the activities for older children, making them suitable for a wide age range.

This book is a lovely addition to the Stave House resources and I hope to see more stories about the other characters coming soon!



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