Stave House Diploma Testimonials

Charlotte Grayson:

“I really enjoyed studying for the diploma. Researching thoroughly into the Stave House method enabled me to become a much more enthusiastic teacher and my lessons are all blooming with different ways to emphasize different ways to teach notation. Ruth was an amazing help and I could not have done so well without her. Her studio is amazing and I cannot wait to go down for another visit! After completing the diploma, I was itching to undertake my first exam and Ruth arranged one for me pretty much straight away. I thoroughly enjoyed my short time with the pupil who, may I add, passed with distinction! I love being part of the Stave House team and I recommend anyone thinking of doing the diploma – to do it!

Kate Long:

“Since achieving the the DipLCM in Early Years Music summer 2014 we have had great pleasure in assessing Aintree School of Music Students. We have 5 teachers now using the Stave House method within our school and it is proving extremely rewarding for our young students. We are finding children are moving onto the LCM instrumental/singing grades extremely quickly as they have great understanding to confidently approach the syllabus.

Achieving the diploma was a great experience – I spend time talking with Philip Aldred (Chief Examiner for LCM) about our approach and he gave me some invaluable advice. The examination was very practical; we spent time reviewing a DVD I had prepared of a class and we reviewed how we could improve certain aspects of this. The scope of the examination allowed me to demonstrate different techniques we use for teaching early childhood music in addition to Stave House.

It is a privilege to assess for Stave House. It provides us with the opportunity to review and ensure consistency of our teachers work and also to give instant feedback.”

Jane Gray:

“I’m delighted to have passed the Early Years Diploma (Stave House Method). I really enjoyed preparing for the exam and the exam itself because Stave house has given me more confidence with this age-group. I am not a natural Early Years teacher and I only had one group (somewhat unwillingly) before I started using Stave House. I had quite a lot of primary-age experience – I’m a primary/secondary QT – and I had a large number of suitable resources that we had acquired and developed through our Early Years training with the National Youth Choir of Scotland, but Stave House has added a new dimension to learning and teaching!