Stave House in schools



In 2010 Ruth Travers was asked to pilot Stave House in an Essex school (Newlands Springs, Chelmsford) and to teach the whole of the reception year (58 children ). She did this in two groups at a time and the children were given small violins to use. This has been so successful that last September she continued with those foundation year children into year 1 and started the new foundation year at the same time. 116 children now reading music and playing strings! All the year 1s regardless of background and musical exposure are reading from standard notation. They performed to parents in assembly – who were ‘blown away”! They won the music making class in the Essex music festival November 2010 with a distinction.

September 2011 – those children have continued into year 2 – they can all read music and count rhythmic notation for themselves and are able to diversify onto other instruments of their choice. The foundation year children have continued with Stave House and the new foundation year have begun. All of them fill in the little Stave House workbooks and therefore understand how to write music as well as play it. Another Essex primary school (Bishops Catholic Primary – Chelmsford) started teaching the whole of the foundation year to read and play music together using STAVE HOUSEwith tuned percussion. All 90 children are now able to read the treble clef and play simple tunes together. The children will continue on with Stave House into year one with their teacher, who is not a musician, but has attended a Stave House training course and is able to follow the method herself with the children. Several schools now teach stave house as part of their music curriculum and non specialists are finding that they also can easily use the materials with their classes. J.Osbourne from Devon writes that’” since using Stave house the standards of music in school has risen and the kids just love it !” 40 TOWNS in the UK are now using Stave House in their schools and at least 10 different countries are using the method and training teachers via Skype or training day visits.


Stave House is now being taught worldwide, and has been translated into Chinese, Arabic, and Greek. It is quickly proving to be the most successful way to teach children of all ages and abilities (including severe SEN children) to play, write and read music.


Stave House is now being taught to entire reception years, 90 to 100 children at a time. In many schools, all of Keystage 1 pupils are able to read music together easily – Non music specialists are able to teach the basics of the method through using both the teaching manual and available downloads.

Many schools country-wide are now using Stave House as their music teaching programme. To see if you have a teacher in your area, look in our Directory.

NEW STAVE HOUSE TEACHING PROGRAMME for key stage 1 – easily taught to whole classes at a time – use tuned percussion with Stave House.

Teach string or wind ensemble to key stage 1 children with stave house using the stave house alto and bass clef stories.

Enter your children for the stave house music awards on line. (see Teaching Programme box)

STAVE HOUSE is the perfect teaching resource for covering your Early Years Foundation stage Creative development scale points.

25 Primary schools, in Chelmsford alone, now have all their foundation and keystage 1 children following the Stave House teaching programme . In year 1 the children are given the opportunity to begin studying an instrument.Many other counties are doing the same .Peripatetics work alongside Ruth using Stave House creating early String Ensemble and chamber work within the school. Meanwhile Stave House Mums are running pre school Stave house groups which means that many children are well on the way to reading music before they even start school! It is a great community project. First Year Teacher Jess Osbourne from Tower House school in Devon says that since using Stave house in her school “the standard of music has risen and the kids love it !





Year 1 children at Wivenhoe primary school near Colchester had fun linking creative Art with their music lessons making pictures of their favourite Stave House characters.

Foundation Stage  celebrated Chinese New Year with Dunstan the Dragon and the note D at Bishops Primary – Chelmsford

Over 70 year 1 and year 2 children have taken Stave House music Awards this term at Newlandsprings Primary school Chelmsford

Barnes farm Infants school in Chelmsford have lunch time stave house Music lessons

Stave House children from all over Essex got together for a musical play along day in half term


Children participating using Stave House boards.
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“Very well done! Amazing results! – Charlotte

“Wow, what an amazing achievement! Well done to all the children and staff.” – Louise

“Excellent results. Well done to everyone really does what a difference Stave House makes!” – Sarah