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large group - barnes infants

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We believe Stave House is the most economically viable music resource you can buy for your school. Stave House will never have to be updated, you can use it anywhere – without electricity. It also covers keystages 1 and 2 and beyond, so has an enormously long life.

Stave House can be used to cover almost all of the requirements in the keystage 1 and 2 curriculum and takes the children to a far higher musical academic level than required. It has that perfect ideal of combining imaginative and creative play with learning complex concepts, and remains a hands on tactile resource rather than leaning heavily on the visual. Therefore it encourages interaction, play and independence.

It is not suggested that teachers only use Stave House – but that it is an integrated part of the school music curriculum.

Because of its crosscurricular links it is of great benefit to the class teacher – having many literacy links including phonics as well as links to other subjects – refer to the PGCE module teaching notes.

Stave House is used with children from the age of 2 and a half years old up to at least 10 or 11 years of age and we have even heard of GCSE students, whom cannot read notation, using the songs for a fun, light-hearted fast way of learning to read music.

Many staff have learnt to read music by sitting in the classroom observing a session!

Stave House helps the children to acquire the skills needed in order to fully use their musical creativity.

Stave House teaches and promotes creativity from the very beginning of learning.

Stave House enables the children to use and apply their subject knowledge and skills and takes the children on to a deeper level of understanding.

The sensory learning approach that Stave House uses is perfect for the Montessori learning environment.

See the Shop for Downloads of termly planning for keystage 1 and reception music and private instrumental teaching.

Also available – How to set up your Montessori Nursery with Stave House tray activities in the same way you have your practical life exercises. Planning notes for a pre school Stave House music group are also available.