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C.D. 1

The essential c.d  – with all the most popular Stave house music and words,  We recommend you use this for all students. Available for download here.

Stave House CD 2.

Lots of favourites  here including the lyrics to Dunstan’s Disco dance . Song list Are you there ? Amos in Africa Bees Song Sea Searcher Song Key signature cafe Bass Clef nonsense Song Dunstan the Dragon I will Be Dunstan’s Disco Dance


With music from the stage show “Elaines Exciting Adventure”  and some remixed and rather funky tracks from the  “Here is a House”  c.d.

This music only c.d. is great to play or sing along to. Available for download here.

C.D. – The Lost Sheep

01 – Journey to the Temple.mp3
02 – Journey to the Temple (Piano).mp3
03 – David and Goliath.mp3
04 – David and Goliath (Piano).mp3
05 – The lost sheep (Piano).mp3
06 – The lost sheep.mp3
07 – Presentation in the Temple.mp3
08 – Presentation in the Temple (Piano).mp3
09 – A sad day.mp3
10 – A sad day (Piano).mp3

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