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Music Awards level 1 and 2 Practise book -Student Hard copy. ID required

This is the perfect workbook for your students to make sure that they have covered all the requirements for levels 1 and 2 . The book includes the lyrics to the songs and has examples of suitable performance pieces .

Playbook: 1 – use with Stave House board and songs .( best for use with Violin tuition ) ID Required

Initially written for beginner violin, this little book covers the notes:   A, E, D, &  B.

For use with treble clef instruments.

Tiny tunes to read & play,  pages that encourage & develop composition for the earliest beginner.

This should be used alongside a tutor – it is a work book, not a music book as such (view-able here).

Playbook: 2 – use with Stave House board and songs( best with Violin and guitar ) ID Required

Can be used with treble clef instruments.

A child sized book  ( A5  )  to record their own tunes in, & to practice reading and writing the lines of the treble clef & the upper notes (view-able here).

Playbook: 3 – use with Stave House board and songs. ID Required

Can be used with any treble clef instrument.

Exercises to read & play combining rhythm & notation the treble clef, encourages composition (view-able here).

Playbook: Piano -to be used alongside the stave House board and songs. ID Required

To be used alongside a piano tutor to reinforce the notation of the treble clef (view-able here).

Ideal for class use with tuned percussion.

Playbook: Bass Clef -use with stave House board and songs. ID Required

Essential for pianists & bass clef instruments, giving the chance to carefully use each new note introduced in the bass clef in personal composition with the Stave House board, the instrument & the music (view-able here).

This little book really helps to imprint the notation of the bass clef & gives the child ownership of the structure of the stave.

Childrens Story Book: Elaine’s Exciting Escapade

A heart warming story –
Elaine sets out to become like Celia the centipede, but eventually finds it’s far better being herself – and along the way discovers that exercise and healthy eating can be enjoyable & that the very best we can be is who we are !

A story using Phonics & Alliteration with musical class activities included.

The theatrical script is available to purchase here.

A product demonstration is available here, alongside a wonderful review by PyjamaSchool- seen here.

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