Shop Magnetic Character Set: Standard . ID needed for purchase


Magnetic Character Set: Standard . ID needed for purchase

Product Description

Standard magnetic Character Set for use with Children's magnetic boards – will work with either standard or light weight board

18 pieces – 40 mm


Childrens Magnetic Character Set
this product will only be sold to teachers who appear on the teachers directory as certificated and have an ID code.
Your name and address will link you to an ID code automatically.
Purchase of this product without ID is not permissible and will not be refunded

Additional information

Weight 0.075 kg

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    Stave House Board: Standard Light Weight Flexible. ID required

    Ideal for shipping long distances, the reduced weight of this board will reduce shipping costs considerably.

    Dimensions: 450 x 300 mm
    Weight: 360 g

    Made from a flexible plastic material  with a metallic core which the magnetic characters will adhere to (view-able here).

    Due to it’s flexible nature (it can be rolled up) it is recommended that this product be used on a flat surface, it can also be wall mounted on a steel surface or magnetic whiteboard.

    Magnetic character sets are not included with this product and will need to be purchased separately.

    Stave House Board: Standard. ID required

    The standard board is made from waterproof poly-carbonate with a metallic core, allowing the magnetic characters to adhere to (view-able here).

    Comes with bass clef magnet to cover the treble clef symbol.

    Dimensions: 450 x 300 mm
    Weight: 700 g

    Standard Magnetic Character set will need to be purchased separately