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Diploma Syllabus

Diploma Entry Form

Stave House Award level 4 ID required

Enter for your level 4 award here . make sure you have documented all the requirements on the entry form as achieved and dated . make sure you have prepared Part B of the syllabus – your performance . Down load the syllabus from the home page of the web site .  

Stave House Award level 3 ID required

Magnetic Character Set: Standard . ID needed for purchase

Standard magnetic Character Set for use with Children's magnetic boards – will work with either standard or light weight board

18 pieces – 40 mm


This is the annual fee due for the right to use the copyright Stave House name and logo to advertise / promote teaching services. For individual teacher.

Annual License fee for Stave House school/music group

This is the annual fee due for the right to use the copyright Stave House name & logo to advertise / promote  teaching services . For schools or groups of 2 or more teachers

Adult Black Top

1 Months mentoring via email

For students working towards their Grade 5 theory and their Stave House diploma.

Keysignature cafe song

Have great fun learning your key signatures with this musical story

Aural and sight singing course -teach your students to sight sing and enhance their aural skills

teach your students how to sight sing using their Stave House boards A two hour course

Playbook: 1 – use with Stave House board and songs .( best for use with Violin tuition ) ID Required

Initially written for beginner violin, this little book covers the notes:   A, E, D, &  B.

For use with treble clef instruments.

Tiny tunes to read & play,  pages that encourage & develop composition for the earliest beginner.

This should be used alongside a tutor – it is a work book, not a music book as such (view-able here).

Playbook: 2 – use with Stave House board and songs( best with Violin and guitar ) ID Required

Can be used with treble clef instruments.

A child sized book  ( A5  )  to record their own tunes in, & to practice reading and writing the lines of the treble clef & the upper notes (view-able here).

Stave House Music Awards levels 1 and 2

Spend a morning learning how best to prepare your students for their LCM Stave House Music Awards.

Stave House introductory Day Course

Fabulous Fun , Inspirational – the Stave House teachers day course

Please note this price is for Uk only .

price may vary abroad

Stave House training course-level 4 Music Award

How to prepare your class for their LCM stave House level 4 Music Award . practise the syllabus, prepare a performance. Three  hours coaching for teachers . Download the free syllabus from the home page   Please  note  this price is for the UK . The cost may vary in other countries

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