Stave House In China

Shanghai loves Stave House ! ( this is a genuine photo)

I am often asked if Stave House can work in a different culture and a different language to English. If anything has proved this it has been the recent Stave House project in China. Our Partner and Stave House representative for Shanghai Helen Rong ( seen on the left) had the excellent idea of offering a Children’s Stave House Summer school for 6 days.
During this time I was able to show how Stave House can come to life as music theatre, how you can use related art and craft and how Stave House can adapt to any language and culture .

Stave House as Music Theatre

Here is a video of the Summer school performance we gave for the parents

I wrote a short performance ( see video ) where the children could enjoy phrases in Chinese and English ” It was big ,It was dark , it was dry” ” it was too wet , it was too hot , it was too cold , it was perfect ” this worked very well . We also enjoyed a little puppet show from the 3 year olds All the children are now able to read and play from standard notation. For four days each group came for 3 hours and for the last two days both groups came together from 9.30 till 5.30 with free play and a sleep in between sessions. On the last day we gave a performance for parents at 4pm .
I will be sending all our licensed teachers the music and lyrics to the stepping in and stepping out song I wrote for the summer school .

The teachers from Dahua magic Kindergarten were enthusiastic and very talented at delivering Stave House –
it is in Safe hands !

Here you can see that even principle Nancy got involved and had great fun teaching the Seasearcher to the rest of us ! The drum teacher also joined us and saw how he could incorporate Stave House into his lessons

I decided to involve the parents rather than just speak. The parents were super and joined in with the demonstration – We had lots of fun showing how the method worked and they were thrilled that their children will be able to enjoy the Stave House method

Russell and I were delighted to sign our partnership with Dahua Magic Kindergarten and to accredit the school as our Stave House flagship school in Shanghai. It was an emotional, thrilling moment and we know we have made a very strong connection with our lovely teachers there and their principle Nancy.

I was honoured to have the opportunity to speak to parents about Stave House and the new classes that will be starting at Dahua magic Kindergarten a brand new showcase school which will be a fabulous new addition to the already very succesful Dahua Magic nursery where Stave House will also be taught.

We are very pleased to accredit Helen Rong from MMS studio as our Stave House representative for Shanghai .Helen is the London College of Music representative for China and will organise the Stave House awards and oversee the Stave House project . Helen has done a marvellous job of arranging our first teaching course in Shanghai and has established Dahua magic and MMS as pilot schools.