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Who can teach Stave House?

Parents, School teachers, Nursery teachers and Private Music teachers. Stave House is so versatile that many non music specialists find that after attending level 1 and 2 training they are confident to impart the musical skills of sight reading, composition, and performance at this level. However, Stave House is a resource endorsed by many Music specialists and professional musicians because it presents the more complex concepts of notation and music theory in a way that children of all abilities can grasp.

Do I need to attend a training course?

Yes. For level 1 and 2 only a day course. To cover levels 1-4 –  we prefer to deliver this over 3 days 10-4pm, but a weekend of two whole days 10-6 pm can also achieve the training but is a lot to take in. Levels 1-4 plus Diploma preparation – a 3-day course. Levels 1-4 with time for Diploma preparation, question time and teaching practice  –  we would suggest the 4-day course.

How do I book a course?

If you wish for a one to one course- book online and arrange the course with the office at your convenience. If you wish to join a group course – either host a course in your area and gather colleagues together or watch the newsletter for dates of courses. All courses can be tailored to meet specific requirements such as age range or instrument.

What is the Difference in the teacher’s directory between a certificated teacher, a Qualified teacher, and a Licensed teacher?

Certificated –  Has attended a training course
Qualified – has attended training and has achieved the LCM Stave House Early years Music teaching Diploma.
Licensed –  pays the license fee annually to be given the right to use Stave House for business purposes and can use the logo and all artwork etc.

Who needs a license to teach Stave House?

Anyone profiting from using the methodology – i.e. Music teachers, private nursery schools, and schools.

What will happen if I do not license Stave House and use the methodology?

If you advertise that you use Stave House materials and artwork in any way as part of your teaching for profit you will be in breach of copyright. You will be removed from the directory should evidence arise to show that you use Stave House for business without a license.

How Much is the annual License fee?

£120 per year for an individual,  school or teaching practice and covers all Stave House teachers within that organization.

This fee will be waived if the teacher or school enters 10 or more students for assessments each year

What are the requirements for taking the diploma?

 You must have attended Stave House training levels 1-4 

Can I teach Stave House without the Diploma?

Yes. You can teach provided you have attended training. All certificated teachers are given an ID number. Any teacher without an ID number is only listed in the directory as having bought materials and Stave House cannot recommend them. Only teachers that are Certificated are recognized as being bona fide Stave House teachers.

What are the benefits of having the Diploma?

 You can apply to become a Stave House assessor for the Stave House awards and be paid for the assessing.

What are the benefits of being licensed?

  A Licensed teacher can apply to become a Trainer and earn a trainer’s fee.

How do I become a Trainer?

You may be invited to become a trainer or apply to become a Trainer. In either case trainers are asked to attend a Trainers course of two days. During this course, the Trainers will be either approved or not approved. If they are not approved immediately, advice and mentoring will be given to help them to reach the approved status. Successful Trainers will then run a course with a mentor and then if all is satisfactory be able to run courses themselves.

Requirements of a Stave House teacher once certificated intending to teach Stave House.

That all the students of Private Music teachers have their own Stave House materials to use at home. If they are school or nursery teachers that they equip their classroom with Stave House materials. That they enter children for the Stave House Awards each year.

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